Rafay Extends Support for Amazon EKS Anywhere with Turnkey Automation and Governance Capabilities


SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rafay Systems, a leading platform provider for Kubernetes Management and Operations, today announced the expansion of its work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) with native support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) Anywhere. With Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP), enterprises and service providers are able to use a single platform to provide automation and governance of Kubernetes operations in cloud environments (Amazon EKS) and data centers (Amazon EKS Anywhere). As a result, platform teams benefit from the same consistent, repeatable, and easy-to-manage operational workflows for both Amazon EKS Anywhere and Amazon EKS clusters.

While the growth in cloud computing over the past decade is undeniable, many enterprises expect to continue running some applications in data centers or colocation environments for legal, security or regulatory reasons. Examples of such scenarios are listed below:

  • Highly regulated enterprises in the financial services and healthcare sectors, where some proprietary applications and associated data are not allowed to reside in cloud environments

  • Telecom companies that have standardized on Kubernetes for modern application orchestration and are deploying applications and Kubernetes in the cloud as well as across their mobile network

  • Remote locations where internet access is unreliable and can be affected for long periods of time causing application owners to deploy applications on the edge instead of in the cloud

With Amazon EKS Anywhere, AWS gives enterprises and service providers using hybrid infrastructure a set of tools to deploy Kubernetes clusters in data centers. These tools are compatible with the tools companies already use when deploying Amazon EKS clusters on AWS. Along the same lines, Rafay customers can now benefit from the same consistent and repeatable automation and governance workflows for Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters as they have for Amazon EKS clusters.

“Amazon EKS is the most reliable way to run Kubernetes on AWS, and enterprises are turning to Amazon EKS Anywhere for a similar experience for Kubernetes clusters deployed in data centers,” said Haseeb Budhani, CEO and co-founder of Rafay Systems. “Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform provides a consistent operational experience for clusters deployed in cloud and data center environments, giving platform teams a differentiated automation and governance framework for running Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters .”

Rafay provides platform teams with a single, unified solution for standardizing Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Anywhere operations

Rafay’s KOP offers a broad set of services that allow enterprise platform teams to effectively and efficiently manage and operate both Amazon EKS (in the cloud) and Amazon EKS Anywhere (in data centers) clusters. As a result, platform teams benefit from the same consistent and standardized workflows for Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters. As platform teams deploy and operate Amazon EKS Anywhere in data centers, they benefit from the following Rafay capabilities:

  • Amazon EKS Anywhere Lifecycle Management that can be run via a GitOps framework, a Terraform provider, Rafay’s CLI or API options, or Rafay’s UI-based self-service wizard
  • Cluster planning and motion detection that ensures that Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters are equipped with the set of add-ons approved by the organization. Rafay also optionally notifies and blocks unapproved configuration changes made out-of-band
  • Security and governance APPLICATION including Role-based segregation of duties and full audit trail of all actions performed on Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters, Kubernetes policy enforcement across a fleet of clusters, network policies and service network enforcement, etc.
  • Built-in and managed storage to configure, deploy, and use block, file, and object storage in Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters
  • Soft and hard leasing options to meet enterprise requirements for an enterprise-wide shared services platform spanning cloud and data center environments
  • Single, unified Kubernetes operations platform for platform teams to easily manage the entire lifecycle of Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters

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Rafay offers the first Kubernetes management and operations platform purpose-built for platform teams. Rafay’s cloud-based solution, the Kubernetes Operations Platform, provides the automation and governance capabilities that platform teams need to standardize Kubernetes toolsets and workflows. With Rafay, platform teams at MoneyGram, GuardantHealth, Verizon and many other companies are operating Kubernetes environments across data centers, public cloud and Edge environments with centralized visibility and access control, environment standardization and guardrail enforcement. As a result, platform teams are able to provide self-service and automation capabilities that delight development and operations teams. For more information, please visit www.rafay.co.


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