News and information – E-cargo bike trial a game changer for local family


They regularly use roads that have already been improved as part of Wellington City Council’s plan to develop a network of safe cycle paths and links across the city, says Julia.

“Before I got our bike, I didn’t have a high level of road confidence, so any separated bike lanes are an advantage and much appreciated. They increase my comfort level. Cobham Drive and the dual carriageway up Crawford Road are excellent.

“We already use the new sections of cycle lanes along Riddiford Road, behind the hospital and the completed route into town will make a huge difference. It’s something people really appreciate. Cycling in traffic is a huge concern for many people, although in general, I find that most drivers are quite attentive and careful.”

She says that as working parents, having bikes makes a big difference.

“Getting to work in the city by bus took about 40 to 45 minutes. This became a 15 minute bike ride.

“We also save on public transport costs – the $40 a week previously spent on buses can be put aside to pay for other things, including carpools when we need them. We have access to easily in the Mevo cars where we live, so it’s a good option if we need it. Over the past month, we’ve probably used one on about three occasions,” adds Julia.

Before moving to Newtown about five years ago, they lived in the central city where they say a car wasn’t very useful. When they left the CBD, they chose the suburbs because of good public transport and because it’s a walkable distance from the city.

“We had thought we might get a car, but then we thought we’d see how we’d get on without one. When I was at home with our first child, I generally went by stroller or bus. We still walk a lot if we’re only going short distances in Newtown, but when I’m taking the kids to a swimming lesson in Kilbirnie for example, I’ll get on the bike.


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