BTS’ Jin slays formal fashion in black suit, ARMY calls him ‘handsome’


Whether it’s their concerts or their social media posts, BTS members V, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, and RM never fail to make headlines. Singers often share photos on social media to keep BTS ARMY updated.

Recently, one of k-pop’s hottest stars, Jin, blew up the internet when he posted his stunning photos in black formals on Instagram. He shared a series of pictures of himself and won millions of hearts with his beauty. He looks adorable, cute and handsome in every picture he has shared on Instagram.

In no time, his photos went viral and ARMY started circulating them on social media, #BTSJIN also started trending on Twitter. In the meantime, it’s official! The seven members of BTS, one of the biggest groups in the world, will perform military service in their home country of South Korea. The Bighit Music label confirmed the news last month.

For the unsuspecting, Jin will be the first to be registered, according to the official announcement. The move means the septet will become temporarily inactive as a group. But, “both the company and the members of BTS look forward to reuniting as a group around 2025 after their service commitment,” label Bighit Music said.

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BTS members are currently moving forward with plans to complete their military service. Group member Jin will begin the process once his schedule for his solo release at the end of October is completed. He will then follow the Korean government’s registration procedure. Other members of the group plan to complete their military service based on their individual plans,” Bighit said in a statement.

BigHit Music confirmed that the group will reunite as a whole in 2025 following their commitments. Confirming that there’s a lot to look forward to, they reiterated, “Still To Come is more than just a song from their latest album, that’s a promise, there’s still a lot to come in the years to come from BTS.” Verdict from BTS to register helps avoid a difficult situation for the South Korean government. Military service is compulsory for all able-bodied men under the age of 30. The current system allows for some exceptions for reasons of exceptional service to the country. Some top athletes and classical musicians have been exonerated on this basis, but pop artists have not, Variety reported.


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