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Counting down the days until ITV wealth hit our screens? We too. The high-stakes drama sounds guaranteed to keep us enthralled from start to finish, as it follows the exploits of the posh, privileged and super-successful Richards family – whose world comes crashing down around them after a death in the family.

“With the sudden death of London-based business tycoon Stephen Richards, his family is left in turmoil after the return of his American alien daughter and son,” reads the official synopsis.

“The stage is set for a messy showdown with both factions of the family vying for control.”

To give us an exclusive insight into the must-see series, Jourdan Dunn, Brendan Coyle, Hermione Norris and CJ Beckford – each of whose characters play an important role in wealth – shared their thoughts on what’s to come.

Here’s what they had to say…


Best known for her modeling career, Riches is Dunn’s first major acting project — and she’s not just appearing as an actress; she’s sinking her teeth into “a really meaty role” and couldn’t be more excited about it.

“When I read the whole script I knew I had to be a part of this untold story,” she says, adding that “both with acting and modeling, I can honor my inner child through acting, art, storytelling, clothing . and beauty.”

Jourdan Dunn as Davina in Riches
Jourdan Dunn has landed her first major TV role as Davina on Riches.

Speaking about her character, Dunn explains: “Davina is fun and harmless. However, when her integrity is called into question, she will let everyone know what time it is!”

The series is centered around a black British beauty empire called Flair & Glory – a subject which, given Dunn’s career so far, is naturally very close to her heart.

“For so long, black beauty has been neglected in the beauty world, which has forced us to step out and create our own products and our own space. It’s empowering to see a growing force of black women-owned businesses thriving and now big brands are finally listening and looking to us for advice. The importance of seeing an aisle full of premium Black beauty products reaffirms that Black beauty is worthy.”

Explaining why people should add this show about “empowerment, generational wealth and family” to their must-watch lists, Dunn says: “People should watch this because it’s a refreshing story about a black British family in the UK and which has never been seen before. It is full of high stakes drama, black wealth and empowerment. I have never seen anything like it on a UK screen in my life


Norris has been a staple of our TV diet since her first role as Karen Marsden in the comedy-drama series. Cold feetand now she will star as Maureen in wealth.

“Maureen is quite enigmatic and very discreet,” she says. “She is the eye that sees everything. It is the height of discretion. She is the ever present person of Flair & Glory. She knows everything that has happened in the company since its inception. She just knows everything that’s going on everywhere.”

Fortune: Hermione Norris as Maureen
Hermione Norris stars as Maureen in Riches.

When considering which themes and elements of the story have been of particular interest to him, Norris notes, “Everyone has their own currency as an individual, and in this particular family money is a big part of that, and how that kicks people out of shape. How do you define them? How much they value themselves, how much they are worth, how much they will get.

“They probably had to rely on that and not on themselves. It forces the characters to confront themselves and who they are. Identity and Relationships in a Complex Family.”


Coyle dominated our screens for years as the venerable Mr. Bates on ITV Downton Abbeybut it seems that Gideon, his character in wealthit’s a little less… well, a little less of a good guy.

“Gideon is the family’s lawyer and he’s the executor of Stephen’s will,” Coyle explains.

“He is a very high fantasy. It is implied that he was Stephen’s right-hand man. He was a very loyal general for the financial construction of this empire. He appears to be loyal, supporting Stephen and Simon and the legacy of the company.

“He’s apparently fulfilling Stefan’s wishes, but something dark is going on.”

Brendan Coyle stars as Gideon in Riches
Brendan Coyle will take on the role of shady lawyer Gideon in Riches.

Explaining why he was so interested in working at wealthCoyle continues: “Subjects that interest me wealth they are ambition, family factions, fighting, strength, wealth but also culture. Seeing the culture of a British Nigerian family that has made all this money.

“It’s an incredible cast. I mean, there was Downton Abbey and now wealth – they are two of the best teams I have played for”.

He concludes: “I think we’re in the entertainment business first and foremost, and I think it’s incredibly fun. It looks amazing and I think it’s just a fantastic cast that a lot of people wouldn’t have seen before. There are a lot of new shows coming out of this.”


Beckford is a rising British star of the stage and small screen, and now he’s lending his incredible talent to the cast of wealth like Andre.

“Andreja is Gideon’s assistant. He is also a secret lover to… some people. And basically, he’s the chief financial officer of Flair & Glory and he’s an ambitious, very ambitious person. He wants to work his way to the top,” he says.

Fortune: CJ Beckford as Andre
CJ Beckford is to star as Andre in ITV drama Riches.

And, promising exactly what we’ve all been hoping for from this series, Beckford says we can expect nothing but high drama from the show.

“Drama – lots of drama! A lot of fun,” he says. “I think everyone has their own stories that people can relate to. And at the end of the day, I just hope people enjoy it. Just enjoy something different on TV. We hope they can embrace this change and tell as many people as possible about it.”

wealth will premiere on ITVX in the UK this fall.


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