The End is Neared in Kıran Mahallesi TOKİ Residences in Samsun


The end comes to Kiran Mahallesi TOKI residences in Samsun
The end is near at the Kıran Mahallesi TOKİ residences in Samsun

One of the important urban transformation projects that will pave the way for the renewal of many neighborhoods in Samsun, the Kıran Mahallesi TOKİ residences has come to an end. 694% of the construction of 9 residences and 85 shops in the first region of the second phase has been completed, with work progressing rapidly to be completed by the end of the year. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “We are taking our city to a contemporary and modern future in urban planning with the new vision we have presented.”

Aiming to make the city the brand of the region with its contemporary and modern residential areas with horizontal architecture, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues its urbanization projects that will add value to the future vision of the city in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment , Urbanization and Climate. Change and Administration of Mass Housing (TOKİ). The Metropolitan Municipality, which saved the Kıran Mahallesi urban transformation reserve housing area from its desolate appearance, is making the region the most modern living space of Ilkadım with all the socially enhancing elements that the public will need.


Within the project of the second phase, a total of 201 apartments, 473 jobs and a mosque with an area of ​​1404 thousand square meters are being built on an area of ​​37 square meters. 3% of the construction of 694 residences and 9 shops in the first region of the second phase has been completed. In the second district, where 85 houses and 710 jobs were built, the work reached 28 percent. Great progress has been made in the construction of spare housing. The Metropolitan Municipality, which closely follows the works, is counting the days to start the urban transformation in other neighborhoods.


Flats will be given to property owners living in many neighborhoods within the urban transformation area, especially Hastanesibaşı and Zeytinlik neighborhoods. The remaining spare residences will be saved for other urban transformation projects.


The Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Demir said that the urban transformation will make an important contribution to the social, economic and cultural development and development of the city. Expressing that Samsun will undergo a rapid change with planned and modern urbanization, Mayor Demir said: “With the new vision we have presented, we are taking our city to a contemporary and modern future in urbanism. When the second phase in Kıran Mahallesi, our reserve housing area, is completed and we hand over the apartments to the owners, we will have started the biggest neighborhood transformation in the region. We expect its completion by the end of the year.”


Underlining that Samsun is a city that does not fit its shell with its social and cultural characteristics, Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “Our city deserves urban transformation. We are trying to modernize every part of our city. We are building the future of our city with solid and sustainable structures. Because we want our people to be happy and peaceful living in this geography. We are working for our children to grow up in better tomorrows. We do not look at urban transformation only as demolition and spatial renewal, we manage the process with the ‘transformation in place’ model. We hope that together with our people we will achieve the urban transformation”, he said.


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